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Featured Vendor: Larry Jay

Larry Jay - Palm Beach County Magician

Magician-Comedian Extraordinaire

Larry Jay (AKA Larry J Gluck) has spent over 50 years perfecting his magical craft and provides captivating entertainment to children and adults alike. With a sharp wit and uncanny timing, the local West Palm Beach performer engrosses audiences in story before hitting with a one-two punchline you didn’t see coming, much like his mastery in sleight-of-hand. A long-time fixture in Mr. A’s Magic Shop, Larry Jay has also spent years teaching his craft to young and old aspiring magicians. Hire him for comedy sets, stage shows, walk-around magic or trick lessons for any occasion! Want to get in touch? Contact the vendor directly below! Phone: (561)242-7968 or Cell: (561)635-6398 Price Range: $$$ Neighborhood: West Palm Beach Years in PBC: 26 Name 3 Words to Describe Your Business: Entertain. Mystify. Excite.

      What’s Your Favorite Thing about Performing?

Magician in West Palm Beach Hearing people walk away and saying they had fun and were entertained… It’s interactive and friendly. It’s not about the trick. I’m not about saying “oh you don’t know it [the trick]”, it’s not about that. Describe Your Best Performing Experience: It’s a kind of sad story… But I was asked to go on an airplane dressed as Santa, that would never leave the ground – and on board were 50 – 60 kids, all who had 1 – 3 year to live. All the parents were there and the plane taxied around the runway. It’s strange to look out at a group of kids and know they aren’t going to be there. I told them I would do it for nothing. That was the most rewarding experience I’ve had performing. Why Should a Client Choose You to Perform at Their Event? Experience. Anybody can pick up a deck of standard trick cards (you know there are plenty of types). There is much more to magic than that!  
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Comedian in West Palm BeachLarry Jay - Magic Shows in West Palm Beach

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